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Workflow Visualization

The information you need when you’re prepping the OR for surgery is most likely very different from the data you need at cutting time. That’s why the information provided by NewCompliance’s OR Cockpit can be tailored to the exact stage a procedure is in.

At the start of a case, you need to know which way to position the patient. But as soon as the patient is in place’, this information is no longer relevant. The OR Cockpit will move with you through your procedure and will display smartly combined information when you need them. The provided information contains patient vitals, alerts, video camera images, temperature or antibiotic alerts and environmental conditions.

OR Cockpit Plus

In order to provide even more elaborate and dynamic, stage-specific information about the ongoing workflow, the OR Cockpit platform can come equipped as a larger, double screen version: the OR Cockpit Plus.

In the double version one screen will be the regular, in-room dashboard. The second additional screen, shows specific visual instructions on workflow, relevant to the stage the case is in and according to the needs of your team.

This extended Workflow screen for the OR Cockpit will display additional and visualized information such as:

  • safety checklists before the start of cutting time;
  • instructions on positioning;
  • surgical planning or scorecards;
  • cutting techniques.

Though it is possible, at all times, to manually select another step in the process and access the information from other stages, the goal is to provide a clear overview of the essential data needed at that very moment. This increases coordination and communication among team members.

The OR Cockpit Plus results in:

  • Fewer errors;
  • Better informed and satisfied staff;
  • Higher patient safety levels;
  • More efficient information gathering;
  • Higher team productivity.

More information

Are you interested in visualizing the workflow? Feel free to reach out if you have questions or to request a live demo.

Visualized information

OR dashboard

Visualized tailored information when you need it