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Currently we’re operating in 40+ health systems on two continents. We’re excited to bring several prestigious and world-renowned U.S. health systems into our client portfolio. Our customers are leading international and national healthcare providers with the highest standard of quality care. We are proud to partner with each of them.


Twente – The Netherlands 


Memorial Hermann Sugar Land
Houston – USA 


Singing River Health System
Mississippi Gulf Coast – USA 


Learn about the impact of Surgical safety checklists, SSI’s and infections prevention.

  • Case Study OR Cockpit & Ocean Springs Hospital
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  • Operating Room Utilization: What it is & how to improve it – Felicia Parkman
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  • A Surgical Safety Checklist to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in a Global Population Haynes et al.
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  • Antibiotic prophylaxis versus no prophylaxis for preventiing infection after cesarean section (review) – Smaill FM Grivell RM – published in Cochrane Library 2014 issue 10
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  • Effect of a Comprehensive Surgical Safety System on Patient Outcomes – de Vries et al. SURPASS
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  • Indication of a preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis for insertion of dental implants – a systematic review
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  • Reduction of Surgical Site Infections after implementation of a bundle of care – Kluytmans et al
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