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OR Financial

OR Financial gives OR managers and hospital executives detailed and complete insight into the cost of individual surgeries, by bringing existing data together in a unique and intuitive way.

Unlock a rich trove of information, by not only tracking usage and cost of resources such as Disposables, Instruments and Implants, but also Team, Room and Equipment used for each case. OR Financial reveals patterns and compares costs & outcomes between procedures, surgeons, departments, and even between multiple hospitals within your health system.

Each hospital has unique challenges when it comes to improving margin, costs and identifying inefficiencies. The modular approach of OR Financial allows for a flexible implementation, focused on data that is already being documented and the cost components most critical.

OR Financial allows users to:

  1. Provide surgical staff with insight into the cost of utilized materials and how their usage compares to that of colleagues;
  2. Bring real data to discussions about the use of surgical robots, imaging devices, hybrid OR’s and other costly equipment;
  3. Identify waste and standardize procedure workflows based on optimal quality and cost results;
  4. Benchmark or test improvement initiatives and measure the impact on cost, LOS, patient recovery and operational efficiencies;
  5. Complete insight into surgical costs and the means to establish best practices in surgical resource management.

Complete insight into surgical costs


Extend the ORC Analysis platform with unprecedented abilities to track best practices in surgical resource management.

OR Cockpit integrates with


Bed Management

Optimize patient flow and visually manage bed capacity throughout the entire department.
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Workflow Visualization

Specific visual Workflow instructions, relevant to the stage a case is in.
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