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OR Doorsensors

Every time the doors to the OR are opened, the quality of the air inside the room is impacted. How do you actively monitor door movement and create team awareness in a subtle way?

NewCompliance has been working with hospitals for many years to improve and monitor patient safety conditions in the OR. It’s commonly understood that the number of door movements during a procedure can impact the environmental conditions in the room and be an important contributor to the number of post-surgical site infections (SSIs).

That’s why the OR Cockpit typically takes a high number of door openings during surgery into account when scoring the patient safety levels in real-time.

By monitoring and displaying door movements in a transparent and visible way, awareness is significantly increased amongst medical staff. This increased awareness results in fewer door movements and overall higher OR discipline, thus diminishing the risk of preventable SSI’s.

By displaying door movements and live scoring of patient safety levels surgical teams are stimulated and rewarded to keep a cleaner and more productive environment in the OR.

The OR Door Sensors are:

  • Completely wireless *
  • Easy to install
  • Medical grade and safety compliant (IEC 60.601.1 & 2)
  • Maintained by NewCompliance **

* The door counter uses a very low intensity WiFi signal. This will not interfere with any other medical equipment.

** NewCompliance will monitor the door counters daily and will carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Powerful analytics tools


Elaborate, but easy to use data analysis tool to monitor OR efficiency and SSI contributors.


OR Dashboard

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OR Dashboard

Workflow Visualization

Specific visual Workflow instructions, relevant to the stage a case is in.
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