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The OR Cockpit

The revolutionary interoperability solution for the surgery department that optimizes OR productivity whilst minimizing surgical site infections (SSI’s). Let your team benefit from smart real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and perfect workflow control, all through one central system.

The OR Cockpit system integrates and draws data from your EMR and major OR equipment. It validates and smartly interprets that data, to display to the clinical staff only that information which is essential.

In addition, it continually scans all patient safety & infection conditions in the OR and provides the team with real-time feedback on infection risk. Elevating the team’s awareness, throughout every single procedure.

With all safety protocols and checklists integrated in one central location, every single day, risks of errors, delays and surgical site infections (SSI’s) are minimized. All of which result into significant cost savings for your hospital, less burden on caregivers and significant higher quality of care for your patients.

Improve patient safety & productivity in 3 steps:

  1. Real-time smart information regarding all clinical workflow, patient (safety) data, OR logistics, air quality and infection risks.
  2. Increased use of protocols & team awareness through centralized safety checklists and real-time patient safety grading.
  3. Data analysis & continuous learning through automated data reviews that track & trace OR inefficiencies as well as SSI contributors.

Flexible dashboards

NewCompliance OK Cockpit

Dashboards with smart workflow, checklists, surgical logistics and patient safety guidance.

Powerful analytics tools

NewCompliance OK Cockpit

Elaborate, but easy to use data analysis tool to monitor OR efficiency and SSI contributors.


OR Cockpit Thumbnail


The revolutionary full interoperability solution for the entire surgery department, maximizing OR productivity whilst minimizing site infections (SSI’s).



Create more awareness of OR discipline, by monitoring and displaying door movements with our medical grade, wireless OR Door Sensors.



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