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OR Analytics

Create perfect insight into all OR Performance parameters through easy to use, real-time big data analysis and individualized reports.

The OR Analytics platform continuously draws data from the EMR, facilities and other major OR equipment to allow you to design any type of combined, visual analysis in real-time. No more cumbersome excel sheets or having to manually combine reports from different data systems.

Clinicians and administrators can now reveal and target suitable opportunities for performance and safety improvements and deliver more predictable OR outcomes. Whether it is drilling down on room or block utilization, discovering best practices in room turnovers, door movements or safety protocol adherence, OR Cockpit users can explore and organize their performance data in any way they like. Easy-to-use instant analytics allow to reveal patterns and opportunities, in real-time, that can be used to optimize safety and efficiencies in continuous improvement cycles, every single day.

OR Analytics allows authorized users to:

  1. Abolish the need to import, format, or manually copy data from multiple sources;
  2. Create reports instantly on any of the OR performance parameters, and slice data up per specialty, operating room, week/day/month, individual cases etc., however desired;
  3. Fine-tune the resulting graphics, analyses and tables and bookmark them, allowing them to automatically be updated and emailed to pre-defined user groups, periodically;
  4. Transform operational data into actionable quality, compliance, and efficiency intelligence;
  5. Test Quality Improvement initiatives and measure outcomes, initiating more and more PDCA cycles until the desired results are achieved. With reporting to celebrate each win along the way.

Powerful analytics tools


Elaborate, but easy to use data analysis tool to monitor OR efficiency and SSI contributors.

OR Cockpit integrates with


Bed Management

Optimize patient flow and visually manage bed capacity throughout the entire department.
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Workflow Visualization

Specific visual Workflow instructions, relevant to the stage a case is in.
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