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Bed Management

Improving patient flow is a top priority for most hospitals. Apart from directly increasing the hospital’s capacity, there are several other benefits that come with optimized patient flow, such as:

    • shorter waiting times and length of stay
    • better patient experience
    • improved care
    • lower costs

Continuously having to forecast bed and patient planning, and providing the capacity to meet both the scheduled and unscheduled demand for the day is a challenging task. Especially in the pre-operative Holding Area and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) where there’s a great need for an optimized internal patient throughput, because of a large number of incoming and outgoing patients every day.

Often, the patient’s information only becomes available when the patient arrives though. This causes a great deal of unrest for hospital staff and leads to inefficient use of available beds, distributed equipment, and staff capacity.

Our solution

In addition to the OR, real-time smart dashboards can be deployed in the Holding and PACU departments. The dashboards indicate whether a patient is present, when bays are reserved or whether a bay is closed. Anyone approaching the Holding or PACU area will instantly see which bed is scheduled for a patient and which are open for use.

This results in:

  • fewer miscommunications
  • fewer delays
  • improved patient experience
  • reduced stress for caregivers

Bed Assignment Planning

The real-time area dashboards can be equipped with the additional ‘Bed Assignment Planning’ module. This program will help the central desk or a day manager with anticipating patient flow more effectively and managing the use of beds throughout the entire department. Freeing up time for all caregivers to focus on their patients.

Benefits of working with real-time dashboards and Bed Assignment Planning:

  • Instantly see what bed a patient in Pre-Op/PACU is assigned to
  • Receive instant alerts if any delays occur
  • At once see which beds are free for use
  • Know exactly when patients have been ordered

More information

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Real-time Bed Planning dashboards
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Instantly see which bed is scheduled for a patient and which are open for use.