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OR Cockpit

Meet the revolutionary interoperability solution for the surgery department that optimizes OR productivity and minimizes surgical site infections (SSI’s). Let your team benefit from intelligent real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and perfect workflow control, with just one central system.

NewCompliance’s OR Cockpit system integrates and draws data from your EMR, your building and other OR equipment. It tracks, validates and smartly interprets this data and will display essential information needed by clinical staff during procedures.

All relevant patient safety & operational performance conditions are assessed in the OR. In doing so it provides the surgical team real-time feedback on infection risk and room performance, thus elevating the team’s awareness throughout every single procedure.

By integrating all safety protocols and checklists in one central location, the risk of errors, delays and surgical site infections (SSI’s) is minimized. This will result into significant cost savings for your hospital, it will lessen the burden on your caregivers and will greatly improve the quality of care for your patients on a daily basis.

How the OR Cockpit improves patient safety & OR productivity in 3 steps:

  1. It provides real-time intelligent information regarding all clinical workflow, patient (safety) data, OR logistics, delays and timing alerts, air quality and infection risks.
  2. It increases the use of protocols and team awareness through centralized smarter safety checks and real-time patient safety scoring.
  3. It provides automated data reports that track and trace OR inefficiencies as well as SSI contributors and facilities continuous learning.

As a standard addition of the OR Cockpit, Door movements are a part of the OR Cockpit’s real-time patient safety grading. For more information about our Door movements product, click here.

Real-time dashboards


Dashboards with smart workflow, checklists, surgical logistics and patient safety guidance.

OR Cockpit integrates with


Bed Management

Optimize patient flow and visually manage bed capacity throughout the entire department.
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Workflow Visualization

Specific visual Workflow instructions, relevant to the stage a case is in.
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